About Us


Established in 1992 as a “forum of exchange” between associations of electricity companies, then transformed in 1997 into a “Liaison Committee”, MEDELEC is a place of discussion between the north and the south of the Mediterranean. MEDELEC is led by a Chairman and a Secretary General. A rotation between representatives of the south and the north is the rule.

MEDELEC brings together different electricity sector companies working in the Mediterranean Basin, i.e. areas bordering the Mediterranean Sea, including Southern Europe, the Middle-East and Northern Africa.

Chairmen of MEDELEC's member associations meet once a year to exchange views on various topics of relevance to the electricity sector in the Mediterranean region: investment, security of supply, renewables’ development, interconnections etc.

We act as a think-tank, a forum of discussion and a centre of analysis and information for matters concerning the development of the electricity sector in the Mediterranean and neighbouring areas.

To this end, our organisation encourages and facilitates cooperation between our members in their different areas of activity. We also promote dialogue between the members in order to exchange up-to-date and accurate information on electricity and energy issues.

Particular topics of dialogue include (not exclusively) interconnections, the evolution of the electricity sector, investments, north-south relationships and renewable energies.

MEDELEC’s aim is to work actively with international organisations and other associations working in the same or similar areas of activity in order to play a prominent role regarding present and/or future changes within the electricity sector in the different countries concerned.

Our current members are associations APUA “Associations of power utilities of Africa” (formerly UPDEA), AUE, COMELEC, ENTSO-E and EURELECTRIC.